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Vegan Eid Recipes

Looking for vegan Eid recipes?
Browse a collection of plant based Arabic desserts to enjoy over the Holidays.

Make the classic Eid cookies (known as Maamoul), famous Knafeh (Palestinian ‘cheesecake’), or these popular Ghraybeh (Arabic Shortbread Cookies). Enjoy this naturally-vegan dessert called Awameh (Crunchy Sweet Dough Balls).

Want to make fancy main dishes to enjoy over Eid gatherings?
Try this show-stopper dish made of Stuffed Zucchini and Grape Leaves (known as Kousa w Warak Enab). This Makloubeh (Palestinian Flipped Rice) makes a wonderful centrepiece for a lunch or dinner gathering. Or fancy it up with this beloved Malfouf (Arabic Cabbage Rolls) for the ultimate comfort food to share for Eid.

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