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Where traditional Arabic food is made with a plant-based spin. Discover the plentiful naturally-vegan Arabic recipes, and easy to veganize Middle Eastern dishes. Find a collection of approachable plant based Arabic recipes to travel through flavour right into the Arab cuisine.

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Ruz b Halib - Syrian Rice Pudding
Vegan Atayef (Qatayef) - Middle Eastern Pancakes - Arabic Ramadan Desserts

Vegan Arabic Recipes

Did you know the Arab cuisine is loaded with plant based options?
Growing up in Jordan – with Palestinian roots and family from Syria – the founder of PBA (Waseem) takes you on a trip around the Middle East with his vegan Arabic recipes. Discover the plentiful naturally-vegan Arabic recipes, and learn how to make the traditional classics with a vegan twist.

Platter of Yalanji (Vegetarian Grape Leaves).
Platter of Makloubeh (layered rice dish).

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Meet Waseem
Meet Waseem

Salam 👋🏼 I’m Waseem. The founder of Plant Based Arab. I recreate my favourite childhood Arabic recipes with a vegan twist. Featuring the naturally-vegan authentic dishes (like Falafel and Hummus to name a few). I’m here so you can learn about the vegan Arab cuisine.

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