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Naturally-Vegan Arabic Recipes

Discover the plentiful naturally vegan Arabic recipes from the Arab cuisine. Browse a collection of accidentally plant based Middle Eastern dishes. From Mezze to main dishes, popular sweets & treats, and much more!

Check out our fan-favourite: Yalanji (Stuffed Grape Leaves), or the globally beloved Hummus and Falafel. Try the most refreshing and wholesome salad: Tabbouleh.

It’s not just Mezze spreads that’s accidentally vegan…Mains and desserts too!
Make this 8-ingredient, protein-packed, Palestinian dish: Mujaddara. Cozy up on a wholesome Lentil Soup (known as Shorbet Adas). Or enjoy these irresistible Awameh (Crunchy Sweet Dough Balls).

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