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Vegan Sides & Appetizers

Here you’ll find a collection of the perfect vegan Arabic sides to go along with your main dish.
Including the famous Vermicelli Noodle Rice called Ruz bi Sha’ariyyeh – which pairs up well with dozens of Middle Eastern recipes (like our Molokhia Stew, and Saffron Lentil Stew).

If you’re feeling something on the cozy side, try our Za’atar Sumac Squash, or this Tomato Vermicelli Soup, and these Zesty Saffron Potatoes.

Check out this must-have duo of Arabic House Salad and Yoghurt & Cucumber Sauce (called Laban bi Khyar) – the ultimate side for your Arabic dinner meals.

Scroll down for more vegan Arabic sides 👇🏼